The unique and developing history
of the Nivaclé communities
descending from Mistolar
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October, 2011

Full-time missionaries have been stationed in Filadelfia for two years now, leading to the formation of new branches in Filadelfia and Neuland. This brings the total number of branches in the Nivaclé District to five.

During the last rainy season, the Pilcomayo River changed course dramatically, reaching deeper into Paraguay than it had in living memory. Many homes and gardens in Mistolar were flooded, but the chapel was spared. Now the sediment deposited by the river is promoting the growth of new crops.

Three young Nivaclé are currently serving full-time missions, two in Colombia and one in Ecuador. The site's new Missionaries page has more details.

Axel Cecchi (Coordinator of Records and Statistics in Buenos Aires) recently traveled to Mistolar and La Abundancia along with other leaders. Brother Cecchi took beautiful photos and videos on the trip, and has graciously contributed them to the site:  [English]   [Español]

April 2009


The rainy season brought precious little rain this year, particularly in Mistolar.  Brutal temperatures and the lack of rain ruined the harvest there and throughout the Chaco.  So now at the beginning of the long dry season, water and food supplies are already starting out low. 

The usual avenues of humanitarian aid are being blocked by political problems; the Paraguayan government is new, and the department of Indian affairs (INDI) remains paralyzed without a leader.  Last year's drought in the Chaco was declared a regional disaster, but this year is threatening to be much worse.


November 2008

It’s easy to conclude from pictures of smiling, happy children that ‘all is well’ in the Chaco.  This needs to be balanced with awareness of the sobering realities they face.  Kurt Mayberry, president of the Nivaclé Foundation, just returned from a trip to Paraguay working on the foundation’s goal of building self-sufficiency among the Nivaclé.  He has contributed photos and information to this month’s report:  Temporal Challenges 2008

October 2008


Video from last month's trip to the Chaco is now available...
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5

To receive a widescreen high-definition version on DVD, please send your mailing address to admin@mistolar.net.


September 2008

Ed Soper (of the Nivaclé Foundation) and Ricky Loynd made a trip to Paraguay.  See the pictures here.   

July 2008


The Semiannual Conference of the Nivaclé District was held on July 19 & 20 at the La Abundancia chapel.  Attendance was high (420) including over 50 who had ridden a trailer pulled by tractor from Mistolar. 

There were 41 baptisms during the conference, including investigators from Neuland and Campo Ampú, a new colony between Mistolar & Neuland where six member families were already living.  The first member family in Campo Ampú was that of Roberto Ibáñez from Mistolar.

(Photos courtesy of Elder Jeffrey Oakes)